Tweed's SENSORiUM festivals treats the mind, body and soul.

Via Transit Blog

As summer comes to a close, I’ve been blessed with two epic festivals in August. Mad Liberation had me feeling all the love and power of Jersey. The second was an event at my favorite venue, One Art Community CenterSENSORiUM Fest was a treat for the mind, body and soul. The host band, Tweed, brought together an amazing community under the summer sun for damn funky good time. The weather was right, bubbles floated everywhere and the smell of jerk chicken and dankness filled the air. This event came together in the true spirit of live music and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Stepping into the West Philly compound of One Art Community Center you could feel the positive energy immediately. Vendors beautifully lined the back walkway leading into the oasis of magic happening on stage. The courtyard is embellished with murals surrounding the valley that holds the stage. Newport Storm Brewery was serving up delicious kegs in the corner. Bodies were flowing, the two resident dogs greeted the newcomers and united all strangers to quickly became friends. We first arrived during an invigorating set from Minka. The set was a sexy jubilee- with dancers amplifying the energy. Moon Bounce kept the groove rolling under the summer sun. The Beating set a tone with a head-nodding bounce. The entire afternoon was blissful, it all seemed natural and right.

As the sun started setting, the flow artists began to shine and properly lubricated, the dance floor as funky dance moves continued to fill every corner. The night’s excitement hit a high as host’s Tweed hit the stage and with the sun down delivered a multi sensory delight. The band played heavy grooves as visually the crowd was treated to fire dancers and an intoxicating projection show. To close the night, Soohan delivered the perfect end of the show. His set was a journey through sound, a mental massage.

As I rode home in the cab, I felt elated. It was the perfect mental getaway- from the music to the venue to the visuals to the crowd, everything just flowed. I went into the afternoon without knowing anyone and immediately felt included to the funk that occurred. It was not your average show, this was a special experience. We all came together and were fully caught in the moment. I’m excited to see where this movement of energy goes. The folks behind SENSORiUM are involved in many great experiences around the area. Follow them to find out what’s coming next. Be sure to catch Tweedplaying an all-disco set on October 28th at TLA with Pink Talking FishBut for now…